Dog Bite Prevention Training Program..That Works For You


Robert Meerburg has dedicated his career to the ongoing prevention of injuries associated with dog attacks.

Ø       Currently the K9 Handler ~ Education Officer for City of Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards Department

Ø       Developed the Dog Bite Prevention Program, currently used by the City of Toronto and Toronto School Boards

Achieved status of Expert Witness, for Coroners 1999 inquest on the fatal attack of Courtney Trempe, on Dog Bite Prevention Safety Programs

Assisted Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Physical & Health Education Association, in the development of Rabies-Free Ontario School Curriculum

Animal behaviour assessments, adoption counseling, Municipal Law Enforcement, Dog Owners Liability Act & K9 training

Featured guest speaker at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and various community events

Frequently featured in newspaper articles, columns, magazines and numerous television appearances



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